More than just pizza. We serve traditions.

Homemade sauce with our secret mix of seasonings. Dough that’s made fresh every morning. Specialty meats and real mozzarella cheese. The sounds of crisp crust being cut into perfectly-sized squares. That’s what you’ll find in a Sammy’s Pizza kitchen.

While working in the iron mines in the 1950′s, Sam Perrella learned about pizzas from war veterans who raved about them following their service in Italy. Eventually, he took a trip to Chicago to see what they were all about and how they were made. In 1954, after a great deal of experimentation and sauce recipe development, Sam and his wife, Louise, moved their small café in Keewatin to Hibbing, MN and Sammy’s Pizza was born.

Today, there are 14 locations in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin – all owned and operated by family members and close friends of the Perrella family. With sons, daughters, cousins, nephews and nieces, Sammy’s now enters into the fourth generation of pizza makers.

They all still use Sam’s original secret mix of seasonings for their sauce. They all form their pizzas with the signature crimped crust made from the dough they mixed that morning. They all carry on the same philosophy Sam and Louise started 61 years ago – to “go through the extra effort to serve a meal you would be proud to serve in your own home.”

Take a look around our site, and you soon will find that we make so much more than great pizza – we make works of art inspiring traditions with family and friends, as well as in the community.



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