Cooked Sammy's Pizza
pizza dough
dough ball


Stretching the Canvas

Our artists begin their creations with fresh dough that is made from scratch daily. Each hand sculpted with a crimped edge to hold in all the flavor. Like a signature to a canvas, our artists imprint their personal flare on every crust.

pizza crust
pizza sauce
pizza with sauce


Creating the Painting

For Sammy’s Pizza artists, the favorite color is red. The bright, beautiful red of our sauce. Since 1954, after a great deal of experimentation and sauce recipe development, our founder, Grandpa Sam, came up with the perfect blend of seasonings. The secret to our mix of seasonings has been handed down for generations.

crimped pizza with sauce
fresh pizza toppings
real wisconsin cheese


Designing the Palette

Fresh hand-cut veggies, locally sourced meats, and Wisconsin mozzarella cheese sliced in-house are just a few of the toppings our artists use to create each masterpiece. The list of colorful ingredients used to cover our palette goes on and on.

fresh pizza with toppings
pizza cutter
pizza cut in squares


Sculpting Works of Art

Some would call our creations a pizza. Others call it a pie. While those in the know call it a work of art — it just happens to be artwork you can eat. Even the way we cut our creations is unique — so that you can savor every bite-size square.

pizza cut in to bite sized squares
sammys pizza family
sammys pizza owners


Generation after Generation

Classically schooled, our young artists mirror the masters that came before them. Now in our fourth generation, the tradition of Sammy’s Pizza continues.

sammys pizza family and owners

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